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Snapshot Cal Coast Bioblitz 2017

Written By Lauren Bergloff, Terranea’s Sustainability Leader and Naturalist

On Friday, June 30, Terranea was lucky enough to participate in the Snapshot Cal Coast project alongside USC Sea Grant, California Academy of Sciences, iNaturalist, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. The Snapshot Cal Coast is a statewide movement that allowed us to discover, record, and share our observations of plants and animals we found in and around the tidal pools. Our observations helped the California Academy of Sciences better understand and protect marine life in California! Our Bioblitz was one of many that took place all along the California coast from June 23-July 2.

Team Terranea consisted of thirteen associates from the Green Team, accounting, marketing, engineering, and recreation departments. Our group woke up a little earlier than usual on a Friday morning to partake in a beautiful adventure together. We met outside of sea beans, had some donuts, and made the walk up to Pelican Cove. Thanks to Linda Chilton of USC Sea Grant and Jenny Lentz of the Aquarium of the Pacific, our team was supplied with pointers, laminated species sheets, and a pocket guide!

After introductions, we split up into teams of twos and threes and walked down the steep hill to the tidal pools. I teamed up with Eva and Meg, and we immediately spotted a purple sea urchin! We could tell it was going to be a great day to spot tidal creatures!

Linda roped off two sides of Pelican Cove for us to work in between and the teams started observing! Meg, Eva, and I spotted limpets, anemones, algae, crabs, barnacles, chitons, sea slaters, and a sea star. Being a part of this community-based science effort was so rewarding and fun! We spent about two hours exploring, recording, and taking photos. Eva made an analogy that I loved, “It’s like Pokémon Go, but for science!” iNaturalist just came out with a new update that actually guesses what species you took a picture of before you identify it - It’s amazing!

At our Pelican Cove Bioblitz, there were 510 observations, 63 species recorded, and 26 people involved. Sharing these observations on iNaturalist will allow scientists and researchers to better understand the range of these species on the California coast and in Marine Protected Areas.

I recommend that if you enjoy nature and discovering new things, that you join iNaturalist and get to know the nature that exists in your own backyard!

Please check out the blog post written by USC Sea Grant here and the Bioblitz website here. USC Sea Grant also provided the photos found in this post.


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