The Links Golf Academy

The Links’ Golf Academy at Terranea Resort offers instruction with on-site PGA professionals that focuses on the short game, full swing, and playing strategies, with a teaching philosophy that revolves around the fundamentals of the game. The Golf Academy offers access to some of the best instruction and best training equipment available, giving guests a chance to practice like a pro, along with the backdrop of the golf resort’s stunning oceanfront setting. PGA instructors help golfers evaluate every aspect of the game, share proper practice techniques, and show how short game mechanics can improve play and consistency with every club.

Alongside its award-winning course, expansive short-game practice areas, and PGA professional golf instruction, The Links at Terranea offers a Full-Swing Golf Studio. This state-of-the-art Foresights Sports GC2 Golf Simulator allows players of all skill levels to perfect their swing in a virtual golf environment. The studio’s Launch Monitor and V1 Golf Video software provide real-time statistics, as well as feedback to improve individual games. Cutting-edge technology also lets players enjoy simulated play on some of the world’s top courses.

Lesson Pricing

If you are looking to make a commitment to improving your game, we are ready to help you get there! Our Player Development Packages focus on short game, full-swing, and playing strategies. Our instructional areas are some of the best in Southern California and you can’t become a better golfer without practice. That’s what makes The Links at Terranea the perfect place to make this commitment.

Individual Private Lesson* 1 Hour $150  $125
Semi-Private Instruction*

1 Hour

$110 per person $100 per person
Junior Individual Private Lesson* 30 Minutes $75 $60
Junior Individual Private Lesson* 1 Hour $125 $100
Semi-Private Junior Instruction* 1 Hour $110 per person $85 per person
Playing Lesson** 9 Holes $350 $300
Semi-Private Playing Lesson** 9 Holes

$275 per person
(2 person max)

$225 per person
(2 person max)

**not recommended for beginning golfers.

Click here to download a pdf of these rates.