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Water Activities in Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes California

Aqua Adventures

Dive into a world of aquatic excitement at Terranea Resort, where the Pacific Ocean becomes your playground. Kayak through coastal wonders, explore the mysteries of tide pooling, and bask in luxury with our exclusive cabanas. Master the art of balance with stand-up paddle boarding or catch the thrill of surfing along the Southern California coast. At Terranea, every splash tells a story!

For reservations, please book online or call 866.547.3066.

Ocean Kayaking at Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes California

Ocean Kayaking

Enjoy a guided kayak tour of the marine protected areas of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, home to bottlenose dolphins, harbor seals, Garibaldi (California marine state fish), and rays. Experience Catalina Channel's underwater reserve on one of our single or tandem sit-on-top kayaks. Highly skilled guides offer a safe, fun, and informative tour, pointing out highlights as you paddle. Depending on the wind direction you'll either venture North to Pelican Cove and get a great view of the lighthouse or explore eastward and check out Sacred Cove and its sea caves. You'll have an amazing time on the water.
Guided Kayak Tide Pool Adventure in Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes California

Guided Kayak Tide Pool Adventure

Experience two of Terranea's incredible activities for the price of one. You'll begin your adventure on a guided kayak tour in order to reach one of our outstanding tide pools located approximately 1.5 miles to the east of the resort. After paddling through the kelp forest and past ancient sea caves you'll land on a sandy beach and spend an hour investigating the tidepool creatures and amazing geological formations before paddling back to Terranea's Beach Cove.
Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes California

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding along the Palos Verdes coast is an unforgettable adventure. Led by our skilled guide, you will test your core strength while paddling through amazing kelp beds along our shoreline. Gliding above the kelp forest, an endless ecosystem often referred to as an underwater rainforest, you will have a unique view of the ever-changing ocean landscape.
Guided Kayak Fishing Adventure in Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes California

Guided Kayak Fishing Adventure

Experience fishing the kelp forest on a guided kayak excursion. Terranea is located in the middle of two marine protected areas, so you'll begin and end your tour with a decent paddle to reach a fishing permissible area outside of that boundary. Your experienced fishing guide will accompany you and bring all of the necessary fishing gear and set you up to fish and provide any necessary instruction and supervision. No prior kayaking or fishing experience is necessary.
Tide Pooling Adventure in Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes California

Tide Pooling Adventure

Explore one of our favorite coastline treasures: the tide pools at nearby Abalone Cove. On this guided hike, led by a Terranea Activities associate, you will take a close-up look at the tide pools at the water's edge. See sea life, up close and personal, and capture wonderful photographic memories to take home!
Snorkel Tour of Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes California

Snorkel Tour

Embark on an unparalleled aquatic adventure during your stay, launching directly from the resort's Beach Cove on stand-up paddle boards. Our hour-long excursion takes you into the heart of the thriving kelp forest and marine protected areas that surround Terranea. Equipped with top -tier gear, including wet suits, fins, snorkel, and masks, you'll encounter captivating marine life like Garibaldi, Calico bass, lobsters, leopard sharks, dolphins, and more! Our professional guides ensure your safety by utilizing stand-up paddle boards to launch and land at our Terranea Beach Cove. Our guides will also enrich your experience with fascinating insights, making this adventure accessible for ages eight+ and memorable for all.
RC Boats in Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes California

RC Boats

Enjoy the remote-controlled speedboat specifically built for saltwater ocean conditions with built-in capsize recovery! Weave around rocks and catch air by blazing through waves! This is a fun activity for all ages. Subject to ocean conditions.
Surfing In The South Bay at Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes California

Surfing In The South Bay

Experience the exhilaration of riding a wave with surf lessons provided year-round in the South Bay. One of the best ways to soak up the sun and enjoy the California experience!
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