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Signature Rituals

Inspired by nature and the Spa’s spectacular setting, signature spa and facial rituals maximize the benefits to your well-being. Mirroring nature’s cycle of movement, rest and repair, The Spa at Terranea recommends vibrant, invigorating morning treatments and gentle, quieting mid-afternoon and evening treatments. Below is a sampling of both from The Spa’s extensive menu.


Ocean Prelude *

120 minutes | Weekday 385 | Weekend 400
With the sound of the ocean’s waves crashing below from our signature suite, harness its nutrients to replenish yourself and reconnect. Begin with a dry brushing and replenishing seaweed wrap, rich in vital nutrients, before slipping into a relaxing saltwater bath. Your journey concludes with a warm, rhythmic, laminaria oil massage.

Power of Stone

120 minutes | Weekday 385 | Weekend 400
With an immunity-enhancing crystal quartz exfoliation and vichy experience, the restorative healing warmth of smooth basalt stones stimulates and encourages the flow of oxygen and nutrients. Muscle discomfort simply melts away.

Inside & Out *

120 minutes | Weekday 385 | Weekend 400
Using contrast therapy and mineralizing clay, we accelerate your body’s detoxification process by beginning with an herbal wrap, followed by a temperature-cooling friction scrub. Continuing the process, you enter into our in-suite infrared sauna. After your body cools down in our Swiss shower, we complete the restoration with an application of red algae moisturizer.

Coastal Detox

90 minutes | Weekday 295 | Weekend 305
Increase a feeling of lightness in the body with this treatment created to detoxify and purify the body. A thorough dry brushing of the body is followed by a massage with a special algae mud infused with thermal waters, laminaria from the sea and specific essential oils to increase circulation in the body. A stimulating vichy shower and application of nourishing oil helps complete this refreshing treatment.

Oil and Water

90 minutes | Weekday 295 | Weekend 305
Promoting a sense of well-being, the use of seaweed-rich laminaria oil is utilized to perform a rhythmic massage of warm, long strokes. An energizing ocean salt exfoliation follows and is washed away with the soothing waters of a vichy shower. A finishing cold-friction rub leaves you refreshed and renewed.

Revitalizing Marine Massage

60 minutes | Weekday 205 | Weekend 215
Relax while Mediterranean algae helps stimulate and detoxify the body. After a brief dry brushing to prepare the skin, the algae is applied during a purifying full body massage. This stimulating treatment helps relieve heat and the feeling of heaviness in the body; the benefits of a body treatment and massage, all in one.

Crystal Reflections *

60 minutes | Weekday 205 | Weekend 215
This treatment begins with a moment of reflection and setting your intention while soaking in a harmonizing, copper foot bath of healing crystal quartz. A reflex-structural foot massage then aims to promote alignment of mind and body.

Volcanic Clay Wrap *

60 minutes | Weekday 205 | Weekend 215
Ideal for improving the skin’s appearance, a full-body exfoliation followed by a nourishing warm clay wrap of volcanic ash, combined with a stimulating vichy shower to reduce inflammation, tone and invigorate your skin.

Honey Body Bliss

60 minutes | Weekday 205 | Weekend 215
Enjoy the bounty of Terranea’s own bee hives*, with this special brown sugar scrub and massage combination. Our raw honey has active phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes to enhance the moisturizing and healing benefits. Organic coconut oil helps the skin retain moisture, while softening and protecting the skin. Emerge relaxed and nourished. *seasonally supplemented with local raw honey.

Weekday Wakeup Masage *

45 minutes | only available 8:00am or 9:30am | Monday - Thursday 165
Start your day the best possible way. This 45-minute massage with revitalizing aromatherapy oil will help increase circulation, ease tension and have you ready for the day ahead.


Flickering Embers *

120 minutes | Weekday 385 | Weekend 400
Basking in the soothing warmth of a nutrient-rich, detoxifying volcanic ash body wrap, impurities are drawn out of the body leaving skin toned and re-mineralized. Follow with a neutral temperature bath in our copper tub steeped with fragranced essential oils and healing magnesium. Complete with a balancing and restorative massage.

El Segundo Blue *

90 minutes | Weekday 295 | Weekend 305
A ritual of metamorphosis, this journey is designed to stir body, mind and spirit. This process begins with a slow, rhythmic massage of sensuous, aromatic botanicals before settling into a blissful cocoon of revitalizing sea blue mineral clay.

Mediterranean Muscle Relief

90 minutes | Weekday 300 | Weekend 310
120 minutes with Balneo Enhancement* | Weekday 385 | Weekend 400

Harness the elements of nature to warm the body and help relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. Enjoy the benefits of mineralizing mud infused with thermal waters, used along with our muscle relief essential oil to soothe the body. A complete exfoliation allows the body to receive the most from these elements. Delight in a scalp and neck massage while enveloped, then relax during a vichy shower and massage to complete this therapeutic treatment. Perfect post-workout or after any overexertion.
*Extend the benefit with a relaxing Balneo treatment in our copper soaking tub. Perfectly sublime.

Passage *

90 minutes | Weekday 295 | Weekend 305
The key to this dream-like, aromatic journey begins with the application of botanical and pure essential oils designed to stir the unconscious mind and body. The placement of warm herbal pillows, filled with healing herbs combines with gentle and specific light-touch massage techniques to induce a soulful, meditative and spiritual experience.

Tranquility *

60 minutes | Weekday 205 | Weekend 215
Imagine floating in a copper tub while indulging in the aroma of orange blossom and vanilla followed by a cocoon wrap of tranquility to nourish, calm, and harmonize the body. A full face, neck, and scalp massage is incorporated for complete bliss. You are left feeling silky and balanced.

Sound Sleep

60 minutes | Weekday 205 | Weekend 215
The ideal treatment to relieve stress for those who are unable to relax, challenged by sleeping well or recovering from travel. Sound Sleep integrates the senses of touch, smell and hearing with a specialized light touch massage to promote a sense of deep relaxation and rest.

* - available as a couple’s option
Weekday: Monday - Thursday (excluding holidays), Weekend: Friday - Sunday


A perfect addition to begin your spa treatment experience.

Balneo Specifics *

30 minutes | Weekday 95 | Weekend 105
The ancient art of Balneo therapy coupled with the natural, healing properties of copper in our magnificent bathing tubs provides the perfect vessel for a therapeutic and relaxing soak. A customized selection of added healing agents will address your specific needs.

Crystal Quartz Body Scrub

30 minutes | Weekday 115 | Weekend 125
Once mined in the caves on the Resort’s property, Crystal Quartz is known for its healing properties. This full body exfoliation invigorates the senses and enlivens the skin.

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

30 minutes | Weekday 115 | Weekend 125
Enjoy a special blend of Dead Sea and Himalayan salts rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which are great for re-balancing and re-mineralizing the body in this gentle exfoliation treatment that renews and revitalizes.


Of all resort spas in California, Terranea is the one most attuned to the rhythms of nature with its spectacular Pacific setting. The Spa at Terranea invites you to explore this "sanctuary of the senses" through an array of energizing and relaxing experiences.

Mommy To Be Massage

60 minutes | Weekday 205 | Weekend 215
Providing comfort and care during this special time, the gentle touch of massage coupled with careful stretching during pregnancy benefits both mother and baby. Available after the first trimester.

Queen Of The Sea - Total Indulgence

60 minutes | Weekday 205 | Weekend 215
With the use of fresh, organic products specifically designed for the new mommy to be, this treatment focuses on problematic skin while also alleviating common discomforts. A nourishing mask works its magic on the back while the mother-to-be experiences a relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage. This pampering journey is complete with a back and hip massage that alleviates tension. Leave feeling like the Queen of the Sea and enjoy the benefits of restful sleep, ease of morning sickness, and nourished skin.

Tidal Moon - Scrub & Massage

90 minutes | Weekday 295 | Weekend 305
Restorative and healing, you are taken on a journey of well-being and deep relaxation. Enjoy the feeling of gentle rocking as if being lulled by the incoming tide as a gentle sugar scrub of honey, grapefruit and ginger exfoliates the body. Massage techniques specifically designed to release tension and pain while increasing circulation complete this experience.

Heaven And Earth - Foot Ritual & Relaxing Massage

90 minutes | Weekday 295 | Weekend 305
Inflammation and edema in the lower legs and feet are addressed with a mask of honey and oatmeal. While soaking in a foot bath, massage using ancient reflexology techniques are used to release tightness and congestion. Using lavender oil in a full body massage leaves you feeling tranquil and nurtured.

Weekday: Monday - Thursday (excluding holidays), Weekend: Friday - Sunday
* - available as a couple’s option

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Terranea_Spa_Saltwater_Bath Warm saltwater copper bath at the Spa at Terranea Resort
Terranea_Spa_Elements Sea salt, sugar, oil and crystals used for treatments
Terranea_Spa_Coastal_Relaxation Coastal Relaxation Overlook at the Spa at Terranea Resort
Terranea_Spa_Scrub_Salt Sea salt scrub treatment at the Spa at Terranea Resort