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Destination Signature Touchpoints

Our Signature Touchpoints invite you to discover the many ways you can immerse yourself in our destination. As our guest, you’ll experience these authentic experiences — Destination Suitcase, Destination Discovery, and Destination Taste — to help you create and truly enjoy a memorable experience that is as unique as our location.

Destination Suitcase

Plan, pack and experience. From on-property activities, local culture and information, to tips on ways to explore the area, we want to immerse you in everything that our location offers. With Destination Suitcase, be inspired to explore our unique destination with a virtual suitcase of recommended items to help lead you on a path to individual discovery.

Stowe Suitcase Hiking Boots

Outdoor adventure gear: hiking, running or walking shoes

Discover the entire Palos Verdes Peninsula with over 42 miles of public trails on 1,600 acres. Go with a Terranea naturalist, for a unique and inspring experience, while educational and entertaining.

Suitcase Beach

Binoculars, sunglasses, sun screen, swim gear

Aqua activies are abound - with four swimming pools and 102 oceanfront acres, be ready to swim or paddle at Terranea. Feast your eyes on nature, landscape and the ocean, like never before.

Suitcase Camera

Camera – DSLR, Go Pro and Underwater camera

Capture amazing images of nature, plants, butterflies, falcons, dolphins and whales in addition to the ocean, sunrises, sunsets and scenic bluffs.

Suitcase Art For Paint Brushes

Paint brushes

Create your own original and beautiful work of art--while being inspried by the Terranea art lining the building walls of local artists. The French translation for outdoor painting, offered at Terranea, is “in the open air”; the perfect setting to paint.

Be Inspired
Suitcase Beach

Spirit of Adventure & Appetite for experiences

By inspired by visiting our website and social media channels to prepare yourself to see, feel and experience life differently.

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Destination Discovery

Explore, immerse and discover. With Destination Discovery, you’ll experience our unique destination from a local’s perspective. Whether you have an hour, an afternoon, or a day, Destination Discovery will provide you with insider recommendations for authentically-inspired local experiences, no matter how much or how little time you have available. Discover our Destination!

Destination Discovery Drive


Experience a scenic drive along one of Los Angeles’ most spectacular coastal routes while test driving a fully equipped luxury Lexus vehicle.

Destination Discovery Splash


Get an up close and personal experience with the sea as one of Terranea’s naturalists guide you through the tide pools at Terranea’s Beach Cove. Spot sea urchins, anemones and crabs of all sizes, but make sure to keep an eye out for the starfish hidden among the rocks. Take your eyes off the pools below to catch a glimpse of a dolphin, sea lion, or even a whale passing through the kelp bed mere feet away. Once you’ve sifted through the shells and sea creatures, turn the corner to explore the sea cave made famous in hit blockbusters such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, and many more. Plan tide pooling and ocean adventures such as whale watching, kayaking, kayorkling, and more at pointe discovery located in the front drive.

Destination Discovery Trek


Explore the miles of coastal trails positioned along the Pacific Ocean while discovering the incredible sea life below and the indigenous plants and trees surrounding you. Follow the path to the north which leads directly to the Palos Verdes Interpretive Center and Lighthouse where you can learn the fascinating history of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. A walk, jog, or run to the south will lead you straight to the beach where you can rest your feet with a dip in the refreshing ocean water. Wrap up the day by meeting Terranea’s falcons, often showcased along the coastal trails, part of a natural bird abatement program to enhance the guest experience. Whether you’re looking for a family activity or an inspiring morning run, The Discovery Trails are the perfect path to clear your mind and awaken your sense of adventure.

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Destination Taste

Authentic, simple and delicious. Destination Taste is our way of welcoming you upon your arrival with an invitation to savor a “bite” of our local cuisine. This small treat provides the perfect tasty introduction to the unique cuisine, famous dishes and culinary delights in our destination.

Destination Discovery Taste

Glass of OneHope sparkling wine with seasonal treat

Guests choose a taste from the Palos Verdes Peninsula such as SAMBUCA APRICOT BISCOTTI, CHOCOLATE ALMOND BISCOTTI, ORANGE TARRAGON BISCOTTI, MEYER LEMON ROSEMARY BISCOTTI, SEA SALT MACAROON, SUNDRIED TOMATO MACAROON, HERBED CHEESE MACAROON, LEMON MACAROON, or BASIL MINI CUPCAKES handcrafted by Terranea’s own Executive Pastry Chef Pierino Jermonti, who has been a Destination Hotels associate for more than 19 years. Each taste has been created using products grown at Terranea’s Catalina Garden, honey from our beehives and sea salt from our Sea Salt Conservatory. All tastes of Terranea are available for purchase at sea beans located in the front drive.


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