Top Bucket List Experiences at Terranea


Life’s journey is full of firsts: First time you traveled on an airplane, First date, First time you saw the ocean….

Turning onto Terranea Way you will experience many firsts:

  • Catalina Island in full view
  • MediTERRANEAn tropical vegetation - Yes you are only 40 minutes from LAX!
  • A glimpse of the first tee at The Links – a hole-in-one!  Eight more to go, all with an ocean view.
  • Dining at Nelson’s on the bluff, when you spot your first whale – and are the first one to ring the bell
  • Then you see your first dolphin… then a pod of dolphins!

What could be better than that?

  • Continue walking along the lower trails towards the cove, and you see a gray whale with her calf migrating North
  • The first yellow bloom on the cactus, and the first lizard doing push-ups
  • The cave…Did you know Batman was filmed there?
  • Kayakers’ first launch into the Pacific Ocean
  • Paddleboarders’ first stand-up experience in the ocean
  • First glimpse of the Falconer and his birds of prey
  • First time you have had a massage listening to the waves crashing upon the shore at The Spa
  • Friday night all you can eat seafood buffet at catalina kitchen.  The first time you will indulge in king crab legs, yum!
  • First time you have had delicious sizzling shaking beef at bashi
  • First time you sat at the fire pit and drank Champagne,while enjoying the most decadent chocolate dessert you have ever had at mar’sel
  • First time you will eat homemade cheese, drizzled with honey harvested from Terranea hives, sprinkled with harvested Terranea sea salt, and topped with freshly picked rosemary, on homemade crostini.  Chef Bernard is first and foremost compassionate about food. 

Talking to a young couple, they tell me their story and how they are connected to Terranea.  ‘We had our first date at Terranea, and he proposed to me right over there on the bluff, and now we are getting married here!’ 

I met another couple planning their 50th wedding anniversary, and they love Terranea because it reminds them of the Islands, where they spent their honeymoon almost 50 years ago.  This fall they will celebrate their first half of a century together at Terranea.  Another milestone moment.

This is just the beginning of the story.  We hope that you will come to our Los Angeles luxury resort to experience your firsts of many to be written in your own Life’s Journey.  

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