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Time to Recharge

Take time to self-reflect during your next visit to Terranea.

Written By Terranea Yogi Angela Matthews

The moment you arrive at Terranea, a sense of peace and serenity overtakes you.  The expansive breathtaking views fill you with a sense of awe and wonder.  The mature, lush, subtropic vegetation makes you want to wander and explore.  The selective attention to detail in the design and architecture creates a warm, welcoming, hospitable feeling.  You want to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh your senses.  

A stroll around the property reveals numerous trails that open up to various possibilities of adventure and stillness.  On the south end, a soft, sandy, quiet beach cove opens to a rocky cave that awakens with the rise and fall of the ocean tide.  Wandering north along the sea side trails, you find tide pools beaming with life.  Nestled along the point, close to the rugged shore is the spa.  The sense of tranquility lures you in.  You have found a place to revitalize your spirit!  

At the closest point to the shore of the fitness area, there is a studio with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the pool and ocean on one side, and doors that open up to the soothing sound of the Pacific on another.  This is where some of the yoga and meditation class offerings take place.  The rich, historical, beautiful energy of the land fills you up and revitalizes you while the soothing sound of the ocean and your teachers voice calms and restores you.  As you gaze out at the sparkling ocean during class, you are sure to see a pod of dolphins frolicking in the distance or the incredible, majestic spout of a whale cruising by.  You feel connected, strengthened, alive, and grateful.

Create some space for yourself to explore the many uplifting yoga and meditation offerings Terranea offers.  There are many classes available for spa and resort guests, as well as a monthly yoga class under the light of the full moon that's open for anyone to attend.  The proceeds from the full moon yoga are donated to a different charity every month and it is always a beautiful experience sure to delight and restore you.

For more ways to recharge at Terranea during National Yoga Month, please call The Spa at 310.265.2740.


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