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Terranea's PGA Junior League Golf Team

Terranea's all-star team claims the throne as the top junior golf team in Los Angeles!


We are proud to report our PGA Junior League Golf Team has added another notch to its belt as our all-star team from the league has claimed the throne as the top junior golf team in Los Angeles.  The team has 12 juniors (5 juniors who golf on the Lakes at El Segundo team, 4 juniors that are our Terrenea Kids and 3 juniors that come from the Westchester golf team) who now form our Southbay All-Star Team. 


The set-up of Terranea's PGA Junior League is similar to little league baseball where the top kids from each team in our league form an all-star unit at the end of the season and then play against the other all-star teams in the area.  Teams are eliminated after a loss, however, if you keep advancing, teams play in a regional final and national final eight tournaments.

Terranea's team of 12 Southbay Kids beat the best junior golfers from the northern LA area to claim the Los Angeles Title.  Quite a feat for this team's first showing!   In the match, the Terranea Kids were a pivotal factor in deciding victory for our team.  Of the four Terranea kids who played, none of them lost their match (WOW!).  One girl from our Terranea team even faced off against the top rated junior girl golfer under 12 in the state and came out victorious. 

The PGA Junior League Golf Team has been a huge hit for the kids, parents, and coaches in terms of networking and relationship building.  Terranea has hosted a few of the tournaments here at The Links at Terranea and the program has continued to grow.  

While the PGA season does not begin until the Spring, Terranea's Junior League will host tryouts for a pre-season on October 3 and the league will run from October 10 - December 12.  For more information, please call the Golf House at 310.265.2752.


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