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Reflecting on catalina kitchen

Terranea’s oceanside catalina kitchen is reopening this winter, reinventing its menu, design and dining experience.

With every ending comes a new beginning but more importantly with every ending comes the realization of those things accomplished. Today we celebrate the ending of a very successful era at catalina kitchen.

Throughout the span of seven years, catalina kitchen has been responsible for hosting over one million guests. With an amazing menu which included guest favorites such as the Surf N’ Turf, Bolognese Pastas, or the incredible fried deviled eggs, this restaurant quickly became a favorite in the local community. The relationships created with the local guests were what kept this family-oriented restaurant so successful. The genuine, personalized service and more importantly the people were reasons why guests came back. A nice Friday Seafood Buffet night or a wonderful Sunday Brunch was the best way to spend time with the family…but nothing ever beat the holidays. Thanksgiving, the tree lighting, and Christmas quickly becomes a tradition for everyone. After years of service, we thank all of our guests for all of the memories.


The celebration continues as catalina kitchen will reopen with some of their previous offerings and many new exciting ones. With a brand new concept, the guests will be provided with a full experience. That famous kitchen which once provided the amazing Lobster Mac and Cheese will now operate out in the restaurant allowing the guests to interact and see the entirety this restaurant has to offer. In an attempt to give back to the community, the vast majority of the menu will be California-based. By supporting local businesses we will get to experience home-grown herbs and greens, local craft beers, and California-made wines. Most importantly, the people at catalina kitchen will remain the same as they look to reunite with the local community. Expect that exceptional service for many years to come.

The conclusion of this era brings celebration with its past memories. The future, however, is full of endless possibilities. With new memories yet to come, the future is exciting for Terranea and guests alike. Learn more about the evolution of catalina kitchen here.


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