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Quirky and Fun Team Building Activities

Need help getting started or getting the group revitalized between meetings? How about an icebreaker to ease the struggle of introductions and open the door to interaction? At Terranea, we have just the thing to get your group going and keep them moving. It can be as simple as a 5‐10 minute activity to revitalize you after lunch, or a 15‐30 minute activity to foster communication and teamwork. Here are a few of our quirky favorites!



Description: It’s up to your group to construct a seaworthy vessel, relying on their creativity, limited resources and teamwork. The crew will then paddle their boat in the harsh conditions of the pool against the competition. Each team will brainstorm on vessel design, evaluate strategies and choose a course of action. The crew will also have to come to a consensus on choosing a captain, first mate, name their vessel and present each item to the group and judges. Through teamwork and team spirit, the crew will sail to success – we hope!


Description: Inspired by the adventures of the TV show’s star, Mike Nelson (hence Terranea’s very own, Nelson’s restaurant), this fun loving riddle passed scavenger hunt combines TV and movie facts, Marineland lore, and other great history all indigenous to Palos Verdes.


Description: At Terranea Resort, it is always the right time to play golf. We’ve added a little twist to this classic game – you have to build your own course before you can play it! Your group will be divided into teams; each team will receive a variety of materials that are to be used to build one miniature golf hole. The number of holes you build will depend on the number of participants within your group. We recommend 3-8 people per hole. This is a project that emphasizes creativity, communication, collaboration, teamwork and of course FUN!


Description: This unique event is truly one of a kind. The activities take on many forms, ranging from elaborate problem solving activities to fun, light-hearted events. Problem solving activities include low ropes course elements, which involve the formation and implementation of an action plan and can be executed with products used by your company. Strategy and speed are essential, as is the quality of the task, completion and effective team planning, cooperation, clear communication, coordination of effort and attention to detail. This event is all about teamwork.

Now that you have the gist, here are our house rules that keep it fun!


1. Teams must compete in challenges as a complete unit ~ working together will test your group leadership and ability to be Decisive when given multiple options. (events are designed so number of players will not factor in)

2. Teams must travel all together

3. Sportsmanship is a must ~ but competitive spirit is encouraged: no kicking, biting, or pinching allowed/smack talk, misdirection and plotting applauded

4. When in public areas be respectful of other guests; no trampling, swearing or bribing (unless it is in 20’s or higher)

5. Be safe at all times ~ remember Blood Stains and there are no bonus points for puking


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