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How to Choose a Wedding Venue

You're engaged! Now what? Learn from our Associate Director of Catering the best way to choose your wedding venue.


It goes without saying, getting engaged can be very exciting but very stressful. Who, what, when and where are all important details that will need to be considered before you actually get married. So where does one start looking for a wedding venue so we can get on with the I Do’s and the Happily ever after’s?

Start With YOU

Conjure up a time when you really loved where you were, whom you were spending it with and left an indelible impression on you that you often recall the great memory. Start with the basics. Do you want to be inside or outside for your wedding ceremony or reception? Is it formal or casual? Is it daytime or evening? Are you dancing fools or crazy for food and craft beverages? Do you want an authentic experience or do you want to transport your guests to a destination and allow them to be pampered from arrival to departure? What sort of wedding ceremony and reception fits your personality? By honing in on the things that move YOU as a bride or a couple, you will be better prepared to tackle the venue search with eyes wide open and set the mood for a most memorable occasion.

Resort vs. Venue

An oceanfront venue can blur the lines of the outdoors and the indoors respecting their environment and their natural surroundings. A full service resort or destination may offer everyone exactly what they need. I have found that a resort offers planned out activities that live and breathe whether you opt to do them or not. However, should you wish to participate, there are willing hospitality professionals at the ready to service you and your guests. A full service resort offers amenities that cannot always be found at banquet halls, church gathering places or hotels. Terranea, for example, has offerings like full moon yoga on Ocean Lawn, hiking, walking and kayaking not to mention The Spa. Everyone smiles because they love their jobs and the pool is where all the action is, every day.

City Lovers

But if the fast paced momentum of the city is more to your liking, you are in luck because every major city, including Los Angeles, showcases the best of the best in hotels. The city hotels are often close to a variety of public transportation options, close to shopping, museums, galleries and restaurants which allows the travelling guest to explore at their leisure. They are fiercely competitive when vying for the same wedding client and they all offer a similar food and beverage offerings which makes figuring out which hotel is most compatible with your own unique sense of style, pocketbook and may have your preferred date available, so much easier. You may also find interesting venues such as botanical gardens, theatres, warehouses, museums and sound stages are also unique wedding venues that might be perfect for you.

Hire Professional Help

When selecting a venue that does weddings regularly, you will also want to connect with a great Catering Manager or Event Services Professional that will assist you in navigating your wedding planning and will lend their expertise as to what the venue does best, day in and day out. As many venues now require wedding planners, they will be able to partner with you and assist you in selecting the right vendors at the right price as well as keep you on track with the list of things that will need to be completed to get to the wedding day. Save the dates, invitations, RSVP’s and seating charts are large projects that need to be managed over the course of the engagement. A really competent and organized wedding professional will be able to make these projects seem less daunting and will be able to keep you on task while setting a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.

Best Wishes on your wedding venue search.

Congratulations on your engagement!


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