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Holiday Fitness Tips from our Personal Trainers in Los Angeles

Stay healthy and fit this holiday season by doing the little things to help cut out unnecessary calories and burn a few extra throughout the day!  Here are some tips directly from our personal trainers, Lindsay Gaviglio and Grant Thorne, at The Spa at Terranea's Fitness and Wellness Center... 
  • Trade in the savory holiday party chips and dip for colorful veggies sprinkled with sea salt, ground pepper, and a splash of rice vinegar.  Serve your holiday veggies, such as freshly sliced red and green bell peppers, cucumber, zucchini, and jicama strips with colorful dips like pesto hummus or fresh pico de gayo.  Other fun party appetizers include chilled shrimp cocktail, artichoke drizzled with balsamic vinegar or an assortment of toasted nuts.
  • Encourage your group of friends to join you for a holiday fun run, like our 5k Terranea Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day or the Terranea Triathlon on the day after Thanksgiving.  Sign up early to train and stay motivated to do your best.  Reserve your space now by calling the concierge at 310.265.2861.
  • Offer to bring dessert at the next holiday party!  The guests don’t have to know it’s healthier than the norm… Try gingerbread cookies that are lower in fat and calories as opposed to the usual sugar cookie or short bread.
  • On your next stay at Terranea Resort, try a complimentary group exercise class, such as the Seaside Spin Class that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and provides a great workout that helps boost your metabolism, burn fat, and feel amazing for the rest of the day.  Choose from our ongoing menu of complimentary fitness and wellness classes to complement your day at the spa.
  • Retreat to outdoor fitness with your friends and family, and go on a hike around the perimeter of Terranea Resort’s 102 acre property.  The entire hike is 1.5 miles.  If you’d like to make the hike interesting, whenever you see a picnic table try doing a circuit of exercises like 5 push-ups at the end of the table, 5 squats, 5 V sit-ups on the picnic bench, and 5 walking lunges.  These resistance training exercises will help sculpt your entire body from your shoulders to legs.  There are a total of 5 tables along the entire 1.5 mile trail perimeter of the resort.
  • Celebrate the holidays at The Spa at Terranea, with any 60 minute treatment you will have access to retreat to both your physical health and wellness.  Start your day out with a training session with one of Terranea Resort’s Fitness Coaches, followed by a complimentary yoga class, then spend the rest of the day rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit at the oceanfront spa pool and fire pit. 

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