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Give Our Dad the Boot to Terranea Resort!

Text to our Video… Our Dad Deserves the Boot To Terranea Resort Our dad was always there for the little things like helping us make our Halloween costumes and he even built us a swing set and a backyard playhouse...

Dad never missed our athletic competitions or those four hour dance recitals that seemed to never end. He's definitely a busy guy, but Dad ALWAYS has time to make unique shaped pancakes on Sunday morning. Now that we’re older, Dad's still here for all this and much more showing us that life is about much more than just us...there's a world out there that needs our help. This Father’s Day our Dad deserves to recline in his barcalounger watching golf, but instead he’ll be in Haiti providing care to people who desperately need it. Our dad isn’t doing this to be recognized or rewarded. We want to show him how proud we are of him. That’s why we think he deserves the boot to TERRANEA RESORT!!!!

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