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Culinary Diamonds Dazzle Los Angeles at mar’sel During Truffle Season

  The white truffle is so revered in cuisine that these delicacies are often referred to as culinary diamonds.    


This distinguished funghi originates from several places in Italy. The white truffle’s place of origin is in Alba, a region in Piemonte, Italy, where due to its popularity, it also became known as the “Alba Madonna.” However, over recent years due to climate change and its financial worth, other regions in Italy have also endeavored to produce the white truffle. Tuscany, Molise, Umbria and Marche have all grown these funghi, which often prompts the question, “Why can’t these white truffles grow anywhere else in the world?” Well, as simply stated by Tom Colicchio, it’s because “there’s nothing else like them.”

Traditionally grown at the base of great oak trees amongst the rich soil & worms, the white truffle can smell like a locker room for some, yet for others it produces a mesmerizing perfumed scent. It is said that the village people would use pigs to sniff them out in the hills of Piemonte, however due to its aphrodisiacal effect on the pigs, their love affair with the truffles often got in the way of harvest, as the pigs would eat them more quickly than they could be preserved. So in modern times, dogs are now the true hunters, sniffing and digging for the culinary diamonds. Yet, it is still a love affair, as the dog owners must still promptly restrain their dogs, if they wish to recover the truffles in full without compromising the gems.

The season for truffles is short and the yield diminishes year after year, which contributes to their high demand and luxury price tag. Truffles can range from $3500 - $4000 per pound. Since they are such prized ingredients, chefs endeavor to deservedly showcase this ingredient when truffle season arrives. Many diners will find truffles paired with the simplest of ingredients, allowing the truffle to really shine through. Likewise, wine experts pair the truffles with lighter wines that come from similar regions or climates in the world: wines with acidic structure and lighter tannins.

At mar’sel, our Chefs have cultivated an approach to the white truffle that not only allows a novice to experience truffles for the first time, with an a la carte special that is offered every day of the week, but also welcomes the foodie who would like to savor our four course tasting menu, that can also be enjoyed with expert wine pairings. And for those feeling especially indulgent, we have a seven-course tasting menu for the true truffle connoisseur.

Szymon Piechaczek, our resident sommelier, has curated beautiful wine pairings for all of our tasting menus, that showcase the depth of flavor in these culinary diamonds and harmonizes exquisitely with our tasting menus.

For more information and a preview of the White Truffle Tasting Menu, visit bit.ly/1MqbhiE  or call 310-265-2836 for reservations.



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