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10 Tricks for Halloween Treats

Learn tricks from our Executive Pastry Chef Pierino Jermonti on how to create the perfectly spooky Halloween treats!


When it comes to Halloween, treats are always better than tricks in our book!  When creating your ghostly cupcakes or spider cookies, here are 10 easy tricks to take your Halloween treats to the next level.

1. Use thin pretzel sticks to form spider legs on a cupcake.

2. Split Oreo cookies in half and use it for eyebrows.

3. Use white chocolate disks and pipe the center with dark chocolate for eyes.

4. Use raspberry jam or marmalade to pipe the top of a red cream cupcake to form bloody vessels.

5. Use a small chocolate ice cream cone to form a witches hat

6. Pipe one large dab of butter cream and a smaller one on top to form a ghost.

7. Use Oreo crumbs to form dirt on a cupcake then stick a gummy worm emerging from the "ground".

8. Cut a hole in to the center of a strawberry and pipe small teeth in it

9. Cook caramel to 320F to get a great shiny dipped apple.  

 10. Pipe a bullseye of a dark buttercream on top of a finished cupcake and drag lines from the center out to form a spider web. Add a chocolate kiss to make a witches hat.

To pick up Chef Jermonti's creepy Halloween treats or try his famous caramel dipped apples, head to sea beans now!



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