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Prime Time for Whale Watching

Now is the perfect time to spot dolphins and whales right off the coast of Terranea from either land or sea!

Natural Finds on Terranea Trails

Discover the wildlife and amazing vegetation that is is waiting for you on the trails lining the property

December #TerraneaMemories Contest

Win 2 Tickets to the New Year's Eve Countdown Celebration at Terranea

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Don't forget Mother's Day!

Facebook Contest: Green Giveaways for Earth Week

Daily Prizes on Facebook for Earth Week!

Enjoy Mother’s Day at Terranea Resort

Terranea Resort, Los Angeles’ oceanfront resort, is excited to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Terranea Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back

A guide to gifts that give back for the holidays    

Holiday Gift Guide: Gleeful Gift Giving Annual Shopping Night

Gift Guide from Terranea Resort
Terranea Blog

Top 4 on the 4th! Independence Day Activities in Los Angeles

We are enjoying the California summer months here at Terranea Resort and looking forward to celebrating the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend. Between lounging at the pool, walking the trails, enjoying drink specials at Cielo Point, searching for dolphins, kayaking, horseback riding, playing a round of golf, lunching at Catalina Kitchen, shopping at marea, and relaxing at the spa it sure was hard to pick our top 4 favorite things to do at Terranea on the Fourth of July - but somehow, we did it!  See below for our top 4 selections of fun activities happening at Terranea Resort on Thursday, July 4th. To see more details on our top 4 events for Fourth of July at Terranea, please visit our resort events calendar.
Terranea Blog

The Falconry Program at Terranea Resort

Terranea Resort, located in Los Angeles, California, introduced its falconry program in May 2009. Since then, these majestic birds have become a popular and unique attraction at the resort. While participating in this special program, guests of the Southern California resort can learn about the general characteristics of the birds of prey and participate in a flight demonstration with expert Falconers. In addition to the spectacular sport of falconry, which consists of hunting game with your bird, the raptors also provide an important service on Terranea’s coastline property. The falcons were introduced to Terranea in an eco-friendly, nonlethal attempt to rid the resort of a large, indigenous seagull population. In a truly unique display of both power and control, the team of Jeer and Peregrine Falcons, Harris Hawks, and Eurasian Eagle Owls has established ownership throughout the property without need for attack. With the success of the Aerial Solutions team and their expertly trained raptors, the birds ensure a clean and healthy environment and continue to keep the resort and restaurants seagull free. Guests of the program should expect an unbelievable and unique experience meeting and watching the birds work. To learn more about the Falconry program at Terranea Resort, contact Pointe Discovery at 310.265.2851.
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