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Tips For Keeping Kids Easily Entertained While Schools Out

According to Terranea Resort’s ‘Director of Fun’ Marissa Edwards, the cure for summer boredom is right at your finger tips. To inspire kids’ imaginations, Edwards gathers everyday resort items and then simply turns the kids loose...

“Where adults see clutter, kids often see adventure,” said Edwards. “For instance, kids can take blankets and pillows and turn a room into a maze of tunnels and forts that provide endless, imaginative fun.”

Edwards says that hidden gems are often laying around the house, laundry room or backyard just waiting for a new adventure. A few of her “go to” ideas for fun in a pinch include:

Dining Room Table A.K.A. Sleepover Tent: With a sheet over the top and some cozy blankets inside this can become a great getaway without the grass stains. Bring a flash light in for late night story telling and giggling will soon follow.

Wardrobe, Moving or Refrigerator Boxes A.K.A Kid Town USA:  With these oversized card board boxes as the foundation, kids can color, paint and create everything from an old west saloon, to a futuristic space station. Design your own city with banks, schools and grocery stores with windows and doors cut out by mom and dad.

Salad Spinner A.K.A. Master Painting Creator:  All you need is a white index card or light colored construction paper and a few drops of washable Tempera paint. With a few light pushes to make the spinner go, kids will have created a colorful masterpiece in just minutes. 

Summer Special: 50% Off A Second Kid’s Camp

During summer break, Terranea offers unique alternatives to traditional week-long summer camps with five day camps for ages 7-16. For a limited time, the resort is offering 50% off camp admission to its Adventure Camp or the Putt and Plunge Camp with the purchase of one camp. Participants do not need to be guests of the resort to participate.

Adventure Camp (ages 7-15)

Young explorers enjoy a week of games, crafts, activities and adventures. Campers learn about Terranea and its history and ecology. They just might get a little wet, too! Activities are tailored based on age and interests, and teens have special access to the Teen Lounge.

Cost: $249 per child, half-day (lunch included); $399 per child, full-day (lunch included) Sessions: July 12-16; August 9-13

Times: Half Day- 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Full Day: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Putt and Plunge Camp (ages 7-15)

For those who just can’t decide, there’s always the option to sharpen golf skills in the morning, adventure in the afternoon…and sleep well at night!

Cost: $579 per student, $199 for Junior Golf Summer Pass Holders

Sessions: July 12-16; August 9-13

Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information or details, please call 310.265.2861

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