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Through the Eyes of A Child: Playful Family Fitness This Summer

With 102 scenic coastal acres that include a sandy beach cove, hiking trails and grassy fields at her disposal, family fun at Terranea is often centered around a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle...

“It’s easy to make family fitness fun by looking at activities through the eyes of a child,” says Edwards. “What adults may think of as just getting from A to B, a child sees as a thrilling adventure.”

According to Edwards, routine activities are often perfect opportunities for sneaking in some family fitness. Whether at home or on vacation, here are some of Edwards’ tips for making playtime a workout this summer.

Tip #1: Make Walking A Game. At Terranea, a coastal stroll means the perfect opportunity for a game of nature bingo where participants compete to identify plants, animals and landmarks. At home, family exercise time can be just as much fun. Turn a walk at the park, beach or local preserve into a game of “Eye-Spy” using colors, shapes, animals and plants you may see along the way.

Tip #2: Make A Splash. With a 140 foot water slide and thrilling splash zone, Terranea’s Resort Pool is always a hit with families for water fun. But, a backyard pool can easily be just as exciting while also providing a chance for exercise. Underwater tag and speed swimming races keep hearts pumping and create smiles aplenty.

Tip #3: Get Rolling. Whether it's on your bike, rollerblades, razor scooter, or skate board, fun is faster on wheels. Next time you're going to the store, heading to school, or even going to Sunday family breakfast leave the keys on the counter and dust off the old banana seat.

Tip #4: Backyard Barbeque Olympics. Terranea’s Resort Lawn is host to a variety of fun and games from sack races to glow in the dark bocce ball all summer long. At home, fire up the grill and invite family and friends over for your own backyard barbeque olympics. You and your guests can hula hoop, relay race and tug-o-war throughout the evening. Combined with healthy grilled treats, this is a gold medal win to wellness and fun!

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