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Terranea Helicopter Tour

Up in the air: Helicopter tours of Terranea offer a unique perspective of “oceanfront”

On any given day at Terranea, you can walk miles of coastal trails, see dolphins playing, whales spouting, or just relax and look out at the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. At the same time, it’s difficult to get a perspective of Terranea’s south-facing peninsula, its location relative to the South Bay and Los Angeles, the clarity of the water or just how much marine life is just off the shores.

Well, the perspective changes dramatically from the air. On a picture perfect February 10th afternoon, a team from the resort lifted off from nearby Torrance Airport with the help of JJ Helicopters and a brand new Robinson R44 Raven. Within minutes of banking around the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Point Vicente lighthouse, there were Terranea’s 102 acres jutting right out into the ocean, a piece of the magnificent coastline you can see all the way to Malibu from the bird’s-eye vantage point.

Best of all, looking straight down, you don’t just see the surface of the water, you see beneath it. Kelp beds, submerged dolphins and whales, and many shades of blue created by the varying water depths are all there before you. If you have more time, you can head inland over Los Angeles, or out to Catalina Island. If you just do the Terranea fly-over, though, it’s hard to imagine a better-spent hour.

Palos Verdes Lighthouse

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