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Putting Fundamentals from a Golf Pro at The Links at Terranea in Palos Verdes!

As all of us who watched The Masters know, putting is the difference maker in the game of golf.  We watched Charl Schwartzel separate himself from the field by making four birdies in a row, as he claimed his first major.   While we may never play in The Masters, we can surely master our putting stroke.  Once you become good at putting, it breeds confidence into the rest of your game and makes golf fun!  Here’s a quick review on putting fundamentals...


  1. Make sure you are in a good athletic posture and your eyes are positioned directly over the target line.
  2. Play the ball forward of center in your stance.
  3. Make sure your putter is aimed at your target and your body is aligned parallel to that line.

The Stroke

  1. The putting stroke is dominated by the movement of the upper torso.  Try to keep your legs and hips completely still while rotating your upper torso around your spine.  Be sure to keep the posture you set at address intact. 
  2. Make sure that your wrists are not involved in the swing of the putter.  Again, the motion is made by the big muscles of the upper torso.
  3. Acceleration:  Check that the length of your follow-through is just a little longer than the length of your backswing.  This will help to ensure solid contact and a pure roll.
  4. Keep your head absolutely still.   Focus on the ball and watch the putter head impact the ball.  Keep your head in the same position until the ball is well down the green.  If you want to look where the ball is going, swivel your head down the target line while keeping your address posture intact.    

If you need more help with putting or with any other part of your game, call us at the Golf House (ext. 2751).  Our PGA Professional Staff is here to help you with your game.  See you on The Links!


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