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Prep for Surgery!

With the consent of my husband (yes, I'm an old fashioned girl), I took a vacation day on Wednesday to enjoy all that the Terranea Spa offers (and it is a feast for the eyes)! This was also what I call my "prep for surgery" day. I had a wonderful pedicure by the beautiful Melanie followed by my favorite chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie and then I wandered outside to the glorius view!...

I read for a while, crocheted a bit, dipped in the pool and relaxed my body, mind and spirit while looking out at Mira Catalina island; being mesmorized by groups of graceful pelicans drifting while being carried by a warm breeze and watching an assortment of boats from small to large. As lunchtime drew near, I chose the turkey wrap on the spa menu which was excellent. That was followed by another dip in the pool - a perfect temperature to swim laps or just float on the water. I watched the hummingbirds, black phoebes and sparrows fly back and forth chattering along the way and I felt myself relax deeply into the beauty of nature. The day ended with a bubbly massage in the jacuzzi and a cleansing wash in the swiss shower. I am so grateful to the "ladies of the spa" who run this amazing place with the utmost care and attention. They treat everyone with kindness and they make me feel special. It is actually the reverse - "they" are the special ladies. Thank you for a wonderful prep day. My surgery went well and as soon as I'm given the ok, I'll be back to my favorite home away from home.

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