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Panacea for the Body

I enjoyed another trip to the Terranea Spa to relax before surgery this week. What a feast for all the senses. I started the day with Hatha Yoga then took the Aquatic Conditioning class and finished with the Flexibar/Core class. I refueled with a delicious coffee/chocolate smoothie at Sea Beans. As I sat under the warming rays of the sun and looked out at the ocean, I was mesmerized by groups of pelicans winging overhead. I also spotted a small bright gold bird (perhaps a Yellow Warbler) flying over the pool. Every so often, a dragonfly would zip by. It is - without a doubt - the best place to spot frolicking seals and pods of dolphins. I even discovered a blue throated lizard winding its way around the native plants. Another beautiful day to remember and, by God's grace, I will return soon.

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