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Paddle Boarding in Los Angeles: Discovery at Terranea

During a recent paddle boarding trip, my friends and I discovered the coast line of Palos Verdes in a whole new way

The long nose of our 14 ft stand up paddle boards led my friends and I into hidden coves teamed with vibrant ocean life. The kelp forest right off Terranea cove proved to be the perfect spot to jump off our boards and do some impromptu snorkeling.  My friends and I found abundant sea life, from golden garibaldi fish and a couple friendly sea lions, to a pod of dolphins swimming against the sunset backdrop!

A paddle boarding trip to the Palos Verdes coast is a must do if you are in the Los Angeles area. The amazing kelp beds (an endless eco-system often referred to as an underwater rain forest) change the ocean landscape and set the tone for an ideal afternoon. So go ahead…take some time to relax on your board, catch the sun’s rays, and watch the marvelous ocean resurgence.

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