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My Father is Invincible

To my siblings and I, and endless family members, my Father deserves the world in his what is supposed to be his "Golden Years". He had suffered great tragedy throughout his life starting in his teens when his Mother's life was taken...

He and my beloved Mother met in Hawaii and started a family. My parents wanted a better life for their children and sought out the much greater opportunities that the mainland had to offer. With two small children, they up and left their families, and made the big move to Southern California and made a great life. They later had two more children, me being the youngest. They worked hard, gave us all a good life, and raised us all to be strong and successful individuals. My Dad worked really hard to raise four children, give us everything we needed, and a great childhood life boating, camping, and trips everywhere. Sadly, after my Dad's retirement in which he had a work history of "Perfect Attendance", tragedy so unfairly struck again and his life was almost taken. He survived and beat all of the odds. Shortly after, my Uncle, , Father's only sibling, passed away. His heart was broken. About one year later, tragedy struck once again and my Mother, the love of his life for almost fifty years, unexpectedly passed away. My Mother was the core of our family, the sunlight in our lives. Needless to say that my Father has endured tragedy, beyond what anyone should have to endure. His heart has been shattered many times, but it is his love for us children and his Graddchildren that keep him going. As well as our love for him! My Father deserves something special to happen to him. Happy Father's Day Dad! You are so loved!

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