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My Dad deserves only the BEST!!!

What could a daughter ask more for a dad? Hi, I’m 9 years old and I already have seen how dad works so hard for me and my little sister to get the comfort of life. Dad is still young but...

I think he’s sick. Mom said he has diabetes. Last couple of weeks his legs were swollen and can’t walk. But, right after he felt better, we jumped right off to work. He works day and night. He told me, I really have to take care of myself and to study hard to have a good future. When he’s off work, he brings us to places we love to go, beaches and theme parks. Every moment, every tick of a clock I’m with my dad, I always make it the best. There’s nothing I could ask more from dad. I pray to the Lord to give him good health and long life to be with us until we grow up. At this time, I believe he deserves a break, a moment to relax and enjoy life. He deserves the BEST. To dad, “I love you, you are the greatest in the whole wide world, stay strong in the Lord and thank you so much for everything.

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