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Make a Fathers Day wish come true!!

My dad is a man that has never waivered from adversity. He loves his childeren unconditionally no matter what. He has helped us grow into fine young adults with the compassion and love it takes to survive each and every day...

My dad was a bank Vice President up until November 2008. The banking industry was under scrutiny and his bank was forced to relieve 7 people due to not making profit goals and losing capitol to sustain the people at the bank. He has not been able to find a career since then due to the economy. This man has always done miraculous feats of compassion towards others and he deserves the opportunity to enjoy his life which he has made to be an unselfish giving experience to countless others. This getaway would be a tremendous opportunity for him as a way to help lift up his spirits and give him a break from the harshness of his career search in this tough economy. My dad loves to golf and he has 4 sons that play golf as well. We haven't had the opportunity to take a vacation for a few years together, this would be a welcome blessing to our "Dad" on "Fathers Day." Thank you.

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