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Join the Best Men’s Golf League in Los Angeles

Men's Golf League in Palos Verdes, California


Robert Krasemann, from The Links at Terranea provides answers to some of your Men’s Golf League questions.

When does the league start and how does it work?  

Our Monday League starts May 19th and finishes July 14.  The Thursday League Starts May 22nd and finishes July 24th.  Each league is set up with a regular season and also a playoff structure just like the professional leagues are set up (i.e NBA, MLB, NFL).  The format is set up so that every team consists of two players and each week they play against a new team of two players in match play form where every hole is either won, lost or tied.  Since skill levels vary with our participants, we use a golf handicap system that balances out the playing field for all of our men’s league members.  This handicap systems allows for all levels of players to feel confident that they have a fair chance to win every match they play.  Each week teams either earn 3 points for winning their nine hole match, 1 point for a tie or 0 points for a loss.  The points accumulate as the year goes on and eventually lead to us crowing a champion for each league night.

What if I miss the first day?

If you miss the first day, that is not a problem.  Your team will receive zero points since you didn’t get a win or tie, but your team will be able to jump right in for week two.  However, you cannot sign up a team after week two, so be sure you don’t wait until it is too late!

How many players are on a team?

Teams consist of two players.  The format of two players has worked out perfectly in the past as most of our players have a consistent golf buddy they always play with to partner up with for league or even a consistent family member they always play with that they can pair up for the season.  These league sets up perfect for father and son combinations!  We usually have a few father and son combo’s who play in each league night.   

What if I don’t have a partner? 

If you don’t have a partner you can still sign up for the league and we will assign you partner from our free agent list.

How much does it cost?

Cost to play is $25 for links card members and $35 for Resort & Public

Why should I join? 

First off, you should come because you enjoy golf!  We do our best here to promote the game and in this league format we feel it blends in so many wonderful aspects of golf together i.e competition, sportsmanship, comradely, fun and love of the game.  You should also join because we have a wonderful oceanfront golf facility that you will be playing each league night. 

Along with the basics of the league, we are also fortunate to be able to give out some wonderful prizes!  Each league night winner will receive a complimentary two-night stay at the resort.  We have been doing these leagues for nine seasons now and have created a wonderful culture around each league night.  If you enjoy golf and look forward to having some fun this summer, please contact the golf house and join us for another great season!

Contact the Golf House at Terranea Resort with any additional questions or to reserve your spot at 310.265.2751.

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