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An Insider Tip from bashi: Adding Kick to Cocktails

Did you know that bashi at Terranea Resort serves Bloody Mary cocktails?? Bloody Mary’s are a wonderful late morning or early afternoon weekend cocktail of choice by many.  Some like just a little kick while others like it hot, hot, hot! Read below for an insider tip from bashi on adding heat to your Bloody Mary cocktails.

Next time you are making your own Bloody Mary cocktail and you are getting to the point of adding a kick of spice, don’t reach for the traditional tabasco sauce in your kitchen. Instead, chili-laced Sriracha a.k.a. rooster sauce (as noted by the picture of the rooster on the front of the bottle) is the perfect ingredient to add a little, or a lot, of flavor and spice to your cocktail.

As a secret ingredient in many kitchens, and at bashi - Sriracha is popping up everywhere!  Whether you are making a Bloody Mary at home or enjoying the cocktail at bashi - adding your ideal amount of Sriracha makes the elevation of the heat up to you.

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