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A Special Note From the Terranea Concierge Team

We don’t often get the chance to tell you our ‘why’- WHY WE ARE HERE.  So if we may, please allow us to take a moment to tell you WHY we are your concierge, WHY we will be more than happy to help and WHY we hope you never forget that you can count on us. See below for our WHY. ~~~~~~~

Megan Fink: Why?  I am a Concierge because of my passion for hospitality, hotels, tourism and making people happy! I want to create an experience that I hope I get when I travel.  “Hospitality is making your guests feel at home even though you wish they were”.

Sam Willocks: When I was 6 years old I filled my uncle’s swimming pool with flowers for his wedding.  I wanted my new aunty to feel special and welcome in our family, at least by me.  I wanted them both to be filled with as much love as there were flowers floating.  My mom told me how special my gift was because nobody else put so much thought into theirs.  Making people feel special made me feel special.  I’ve spent my life trying to re- create that moment when I was 6.  I am your Concierge.

Xandra Myers: I’m a Concierge because I get to paint vacations for a living.  I learn new techniques every day from my colleagues. I discover new colors every time I explore the local areas.  I enjoy the challenge of creating each piece to cater each guest.  I get a true satisfaction when I know I made a masterpiece.  I’m a Concierge because I get to paint vacations for a living.

Nancy Cantu: I trained for twenty years to be here making people happy, fixing problems, empathizing, surprising, welcoming with open arms.  I am a Mom.  My Concierge training days involved packing lunches, checking homework, cheering up a grumpy mood.  There was multi-tasking like calling a teacher or rescheduling doctor’s appointments while folding laundry, cooking the meatloaf and volunteering on charity fundraising committees. So, while those days have come and gone - behind the Terranea concierge desk is where I want to be.  Making certain that guests have everything they need to have a great day and memorable stay is what I love to do.  I am a Concierge.

Louis Maldonado: My passion was always to work in the hotel industry.  I love people and making them happy.  The more I can interact with people the more I feel satisfied. I feel my job is endless when it comes to satisfying our guest’s needs…this is sincerely a dream come true. That’s why I enjoy being your resort ambassador.

Marissa Edwards:  Every day I have the unique opportunity to create something.  Although it varies from grand adventures to single interactions just the opportunity to help make a memory ~ a noticeable moment for someone else ~ that is WHY I love what I do.

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