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A Pioneer, Patriarch, and Patriot!

My Dad, Hasu Sheth, came to this country in the late 1950s from India on a steamer that took two months to get here. He had nothing but 44 pounds of luggage, little money, and the desire to make a better life for himself and his eventual family...

From those humble beginnings, my father has had a great life. Since getting a solid footing in this country and as a way of paying it forward, he has helped countless individuals--family and friends--make better lives for themselves. We now have about 25 extended family members in So. Cal. and many others across the country. Having grown up on 'The Hill' and now living here with my wife and kids for many years, it would be an honor if you so bestowed this wonderful gift to my father. This July 4, my patriot Dad will turn 75. It is a milestone birthday for a pioneer, patriarch, and patriot of a man. Please allow him this opportunity to be hosted at Terranea. Thank you so very much.

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