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5 Basic How-to Tips from Expert Paddle Boarders at Terranea Resort’s Pointe Discovery

Do you like to paddle board? Check out these 5 how-to basics from Terranea's activity concierge, Pointe Discovery:

1. Check the surf report ~ it may seem against nature, but you are looking for the flattest conditions possible ~ low wind so the water is less choppy.  We prefer the Stand Up paddle method as it works the core the most.  Good conditions are key, but not a deal breaker.

2. Get yourself wet! Paddle out past the shore break as you’re looking for a mellow spot to get on your board.

3. When you are “popping up” stay balanced, going from belly, to knees, to feet.

4. Use your paddle as a stabilizer first and make sure to have a knees bent even stance on the middle of the board.

5. Take in the magic the ocean has to offer and if you see a shark remember one quick pop on the nose and he’ll leave you alone; unless he’s looking for lunch :)

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