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#24 @ Mar'sel

Once again we enjoyed a beautiful evening at mar'sel that fed all of our senses. Starting off with a slightly tart but exquisite kumquat cocktail (no alcohol), we moved into a wonderful hearts of palm salad that was fresh, tender and full of flavor. For our entrees, my husband chose an incredible NY steak and I selected the superb oregon mushroom/morel dish. These mushrooms had a woodsy/rich flavor and I'm already wishing I'd ordered a second plate to go. On the side, we had the potato fingerlings with creme fraiche (we certainly indulged!). There was lots of oo'ing and ah'ing taking place at our table. Never to be missed, we completed our meal with cherries and mint ice cream and the melt in your mouth brown butter blueberry crisp. Being at Terranea is a wonder in itself - the graceful pelicans above, the dolphins playing in the water and the mesmerizing gently lilting waves of the ocean. Top that off with another magnificent meal at Mar'sel and we feel incredibly grateful. A big thank you to Jessica who helped us with our selections. She added her warm personality to the ambience of the evening.

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